A few kind words about Mitch from Regina.

(Excerpts from a film by Olga Lvoff.)

Mitch maintains a solid foundation of knowledge about the needs and issues with which his patients and families contend, and has excellent clinical and therapeutic skills. He uses his keen sense of perception along with his mature observation and verbal skills, and maintains a warm and supportive demeanor during his encounters with others. His therapeutic skills continue to help him readily establish rapport in his work and conduct on-going assessments.

Dr Lucanne Magill

Mitch worked with my Mom the last three years of her life. He had the insight, and perseverance to learn the French and Yiddish songs of my mothers youth, and to infuse their sessions with memory and deep respect. Through his music, we were able to form a deep circle of acceptance around the aspects of my mom that were at times, regressive and forgetful. When she was with Mitch, her funny, spontaneous self shone.  My Mom adored him.  They continued to make music when she was on her deathbed, unable to speak, yet mouthing the words and tapping her fingertips as she endeavored to join him one last time.  Mitch has the courage to go into personal, unchartered territory. He was a great support for my mother, and for the whole family …. and he continues to be!  We all love him.                  

Sonia Gluckman, daughter of Regina Gluckman